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Originally Posted by 1to1 View Post
Mary, I can't wait to see your completed Egeblad with the extended pattern.

Ingrid, Please post pics when you are finished. I'm curious to see how big yours will be using worsted weight.

I'm on Rnd 60 of the was suppose to be a Mother's Day gift for MIL but I don't see that happening. I'm using Cascade EcoWool with Size 10 needles.

I really enjoy making these into Doily Throws...they are beautiful!!

I just wanted to share a pic of my completed Eceblad.
It came out beautiful! I hope mine looks 1/8 of what yours looks like. And I'll be extremely happy!
I'm in Mary! Thanks for starting it. YAY. I'll have to start it when I get back. Hmmmm what color... I have a few colors to try it out it.
What do you peeps think? Lighter or darker?
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