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Originally Posted by HamaLee View Post
I was once watching a play in a very intimate theater setting and two girls in the very front row were knitting with metal needles through the whole first act. They were so close to the performance area that the stage lights occasionally hit them. The entire audience could hear them knitting. As an obsessive knitter myself--I found that inappropriate.

The stage manager had to ask them to stop at intermission b/c the actors could see and hear them and it was distracting. That's pretty clueless and disrespectful, imo.
Ok...having worked in a theatre for 10 years...I must say...that is horrible...especially in the front row.

I mean...if it were plastic the back...maybe but really...why are you even at the theatre if you are not going to take it in. I can knit in front of the TV, but theatre is an all senses experience...and selling tix for a living...they aren't cheap....

That really disgusts me!
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