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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
Kind of two questions going in this is where is inappropriate and the other is where it might be difficult to knit effectively. I think you're really asking about the second one, right?
Yes Jan, thanks for clarifying. I think I was referring more to places that interfere with our effective knitting. Maybe my bottle of painkillers should have included a 'no posting' warning?

I would like to think most of us have enough decency to not knit in situations demanding respect for others, and where it might look like we're not giving them our full attention.
Permission to knit at your funeral sounds like something you need to broadcast Renee. I would generally think of a funeral home as somewhere inappropriate, along with church and formal public performances. Waiting for appts, at the airport, etc. is usually fine, a productive alternative to reading a magazine (or so I thought ). I often knit while a passenger in a moving vehicle, but knitting when visiting with a friend really depends on the situation and the person.
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