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Right now it's a blobbo but I took a photo to show the chunkiness and uploaded it to Ravelry. I'm knitting this on 10's, but when I do the next one, I think I'll use 10.5's. The McTaggart Tweeds are very hearty. The last one I did was a Fisherman weight and I used US9's, but the non-MT fisherman weight yarns are a little lighter. It's going to be much more open when I finish, but it's squished onto a 60" cable and I couldn't really spread it out for a nice photo op.

On Ravelry, the photo of the yarn is a true color shot. The indoor photos of my Egeblad look like pea soup, but it's much lovelier than that.

For the extension rounds, do you go back to 52 or 82 after the extra round 101?

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