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I'm not having a funeral.. I'm having a celebration of life, and I want my friends to do what they would like.. be it knititng, crocheting or cross stitch.

I've informed my family of this, and know they will follow through with my wishes.

I did find knitting while waiting in the room at the Dr.s for my annual visit did get the Dr. lol. He gently held his hand out.. I pushed the stitches to the middle, and handed it to him.. He placed it on top of my bag and lol. He stated he has had patients knit while in labor, and other things, but that this was a first.
My friends know that knittting relaxes me. They are all use to it, and know that I'm listening to them. They quit testing me, and accept that I am listening. I don't do complex patterns, but simple things.
My boss knits, and allows us to knit during staff meetings. This does make for some nice meetings. But I know that is in the minority.
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