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knitting while reading through my notes for my exams has proven difficult - knitting usually wins out, hence i have had to stop knitting until after my exams, so now I'm distracting myself with the forum. I think I need to be locked in a room with just my notes, text books and pencil case - then i'd manage it!

I generally knit while waiting for a train on nice sunny days when u can sit out on the platform - I go up the far end on my own and sit on the bench, that way no-one bothers me. I can't knit while moving - motion sickness. I took my knitting to the drs once but didn't do any because I was scared of missing when they called my name - stupid thing was I knew I was there to have my blood pressure checked and I knew that going to the drs always makes it go up. So I will do some simple knitting next time and save myself sitting for 10 minutes waiting until I've calmed down enough that they can use the reading!
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