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Turning the Heel
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I think I need to be locked in a room with just my notes, text books and pencil case - then i'd manage it!
That wouldn't help me .... I surely would find something else to do.

Knitting on the train and when waiting for classes to begin...
Sometimes in the car as well, (when I'm NOT driving).

People sometimes think I'm not listening, but I am, especially when doing grannies or other simple things, but I just keep an eye on it to be sure not to miss stitches or split the yarn...
Safe is safe.

When doing something with pattern I have to concentrate, so then sometimes I'm not listening, but generally I don't do complicated things when my mind should be on something else, like conversation.

I haven't tried knitting while walking but I guess it wouldn't be a great success,... even less so with running...
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