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Originally Posted by tarrentella View Post
Im not sure exactly what suitemates are, but im guessing it is somthing like a housemate. If that is the case, buy can i sympathise ... i can't believe how inconsiderate some people you live with can be! I hope your finger is ok and not giving you any trouble. finger pad cuts can bleed like anything!

I am currenty living with a guy, not through choice, the university simply allocated us to the same house, who is an absolute nightmare. He is completely oblivious to everything. If i ask him (or tell him) to do the cleaning he will ... but only if i very specifically ask him too. We have lived in this house since the beggining of October and he has only put the bin out for collection twice, both on occasions i have specifically asked him too. When i asked him to again last week, he said he wasnt sure which day it was collected. we have been living in ths house for over 6 months and he doesnt know what day the rubbish is collected!! I puts leftover food in tuberware whilst it is still warm, seals it and then leaves it on the counter top for days (even weeks) not touching it, not noticing that it has gone grean and then gets annoyed if i through it out or even suggest that he may want to do somthing with it. HE is completely oblivious!!
worst of all i whent on holiday last month for a week and cam back to find that the framed phot my brother had given me for Christmas (of his wedding) was no longer on the window ledge. I looked around and found it with the glass in shards stacked on a shelf. I asked housemate what had happened and he said he had accidently knocked it off (ok accidents happen) so was waiting to se what he should do. HOW ABOUT THROW AWAY THE BROKEN GLASS . he then offered to replace the frame .. this was a month ago .. i still have no framed picture.

Sorry for hijacking your thread Lizardknits, i think i neded the excuse to rant.
I dont mind you ranting
and yes, a suitemate is like a housemate
I live in a suite style dorm on campus in a corner suite, which means that I have 4 suitemates (two remain, two have left for the summer) non corner suites have 4 people living in them
im sorry to hear about the troubles you have had with your housemate
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otn- a beautiful turquoise blanket in moss stitch (for previously mentioned cousin's coming second child, due late july 2012)
FO- a few hats in the round(just taught myself to join without twisting)
to try next- an entrelac blanket with yarn someone gave my mom
something else fun- making a blanket in the round
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