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Using cable w/ circular needles?

I assume you can use a cable needle with circular needles, is that true?

The reason I ask is that straight needles are impossible to use with cables. I use US 11 size.

I tried 3 times yesterday. I had to P2 then take 3 stitches onto the cable needle. I need 3 arms because I can't hold onto the left, right and cable needle all at the same time. When I try to put the stitches on the cable my right needle falls to the ground . It did that 3 times in a row. Then, I finally got everything on the cable. Before using the cable I have to knit 3 stitches. When I did that the cable needle falls to the ground. The stitches are larger than the cable needle size. That's why they fall off constantly. I finally got to the point where I need to knit the cable needle stitches. When I did that the LEFT needle falls to the ground and I loose the 17 stitches on that one . Is there anyway possible to hold all 3 needles so everything stays on? That's why I thought the circular would be better. The needle can't fall to the ground, everythings attached.

I think smaller needles would work better with a cable needle because if you let go of one of your needles the stitches don't fall off. They pretty much don't move which is what I am going to try next.

THANKS for listening,
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