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Originally Posted by Minou View Post
Those 5 yo's made me crazy too. It wasn't until I was halfway through that I started wondering if the Hemlock Ring version would also work. Make two or three yo's and then drop all but one before doing the k1,p1's. Either way you end up with a bigger hole than a single yo would give. The Egeblad way gave me sort of lumpy hole edges that weren't such a problem on the Hemlock.

Are you finding the same thing?
Haven't finished the hemlock yet... so not sure but am using two totally different fibers. The hemlock is a soft medium weight worsted cotton/acrylic and the egeblad is this tiny #10 slub cotton so I know the egeblad will be rougher. I just need to finish SOMETHING! LOL! I'm on round 83, so soooooooon!
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