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I helped her get started but she is a crafty little thing. She knits left-handed (she is a leftie) english & does stockinette by knitting back & forth on the needle. She also has a unique way of holding the needle. She taught herself to crochet too (which I don't do) and play the keyboard, and loves to draw. She likes to knit and usually does small projects that she improvises (i-pod holder, a little shawl, crocheted bracelet).

Maybe the knitting bug will hit your son from seeing you do it all the time. I notice a lot more guys knit than I thought. You could always show him Mason's pic & ask him if he looks feminine at all.

ETA please don't think I am bragging like crazy on my kid, people. It's just that if I don't focus on the positive right now, one of us may not make it to her 13th b-day!!!
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