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I knit anywhere I can. I spend many days a month at doctors offices and I always have to have my knitting with me. I dont really carry a purse, but a large tote bag that has everything in the world in it. Knit mags, knit needles, yarn for more than one project, snacks, wallet etc. I knit at dinner when my companion is eating, I am always done at least 20 min before him, he is so slow and I would go insane if I didnt. I use to read before learning to knit, so I think he is use to it. I can carry on a conversation while knitting so I dont find anything wrong with it.
I knit in front of the tv, while on the phone sometimes, as my sister and I can have a 2 hour chat. If I wasnt always the driver but was fotunate enough to be the passenger then I would get even more knitting done. I go to a sewing group get together on thursdays afternoons and since I am not a hand quilter but a machine quilter, I bring my knitting. I have to say I have turned at least 6 people I know into knitters that werent when I met them, some thursdays no one is sewing and everyone is knitting or crocheting.
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