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FO: Artlady's Central Park Hoodie
Well, it is finally done! I sure had a devil of a time inserting the zipper on this CPH! I dunno why I had such a hard time with it. After I ripped out the first zipper application...I just had to set the whole darn thing aside for a couple weeks. The other day, I had the motivation to give it one more try!

It still rippled a bit...but I pinned the thing down to the blocking board and misted the tar out of the zipper and ribbing, both sides...and left them til bone dry! That'll teach 'em a thing or two!

Today, I un-pinned them...and they cried UNCLE! UNCLE!
The zipper was finally tamed!

So here I am in my denim tweed Central Park Hoodie! We had a bit of sun today, so I ran out side...set up the camera and tripod...and got some photos! I didn't even time to put on any makeup for you! (Not even eyebrows!) Oh well...who's lookin'!?

What a dork!

Oh well, who cares!??
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