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Originally Posted by MerigoldinWA View Post

I had wondered if the discounts at WEBS meant you had to buy $60.00 (for the 20% off) or $120.00 (for the 25% off) of one kind of yarn, or maybe even all one color. But you're saying it is for everything in your cart, mix and match? That's better. And I may take them up on that sometime. (Soon?) But what about all that stash yarn sitting in yarn prison? Too bad. LOL
Well, here is a way to test it: dump $60 of Yarn A into the cart...and $60 of Yarn B in the cart...then click check out. It will take you to a pre-check-out screen (no commitment)...and your discount is shown right there.

I got the discount last Fall...buying two separate batches of yarn...neither came up to the $120 by themselves...but together they came to $120...and I got the 25% discounts! BOY!!! I sure loved that!!!

I think there is a discount for a $60 order, too.

Today, I had forgotten how the discounts I did a test shopping cart! Saw the 25% on the next screen. But, didn't check out afterall.

I was looking for some charcoal tweed for a cardigan for my brother...but, in the end...I rummaged my stash...and found the perfect charcoal tweed (JoSharp Silkroad Dk Tweed) and 12 skeins...about 1800 yards!!! WhooHooo! I forget why I bought it several years ago. I guess I was saving it for Ricky.

He came by today to show me his blueprints for a BIG KITCHEN REMODEL he landed...and he saw my blue CPH tweed hoodie, and ooooed and ahhhhed over it. I've never knit a sweater for him...but I'm gonna have one done for him by Fall. I spent the evening rummaging my pattern books, and found a perfect cardigan. Simple, and masculine, and a twisted rib throughout. It will show up good with the tweediness of the yarn. That JoSharp Silkroad DK Tweed is 20st=4"...and besides wool, it has silk and cashmere.
I made an Elsebeth Lavold Viking Knits pullover (eggplant) several years ago. Loved working with it! Rick seems to like the softness of my CPH.

Til later!

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