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the pouchiness is the nature of the design.

if you want to redesign --well that's a lot of work.

making it smaller will make the pouch(es) smaller, but it will make its tighter, and harder to put on.

Red hot lava (a pattern) has a similar problem.. (the back rides up and makes a pouch) many shrug patterns are not fitted, and not fitted means a pouch somewhere.

there are fitted patterns (about 4 years ago in Knitting there was a shrug.. 4 peices, 2 arms, a back shaped sort off like this --) ( and a neck band to hold it all together..
it fit like a dream.. but it was a complex pattern..

them's the choices.. easy, shapeless, (and pouchy in places)
or complex, seamed, and tailored.. (and a perfect fit!)
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