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Thank you all for your votes to continue the project!

Right now, we have 5 shawls at my house, ready for fringe. I am adding fringe to a shawl whenever I know of someone in the forum that needs our support. I'm adding fringe to "Misty Blues" right now. I'll let you all know when it gets delivered.

There are 3 other shawls in progress, and they should be completed in the next couple months.

So, I'll go ahead and start 4 more.

"Blue Skies" will be made with blue yarns (of course)
"Rainy Day" will be made with black, grey, silver, and beige yarns
"Angel Wings" will be made with white and silver yarns
"Blossoms of Joy" will be made with nice floral tones

Each shawl will need 3 or 4 knitters, plus myself. Let me know which shawl you prefer to work on!

Also, if you know of someone in the forum who is having a difficult time, and would appreciate one of our shawls, please send me a private message.
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