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its great to be able to knit in different styles.. but NO ONE STYLE is superior.

I've tried, and i can't knit english.. (or any other style with a right hand yarn hold--and i am right handed!)

but i can knit portuguese, and backwards (true left handed) and Proper Continental, and my standard style (flick my left index finger, (not twist right needle) with a combo purl!

there are those who advocate 2 handed knitting for color work(ie fair isle) but i've managed 3 colors in 1 row, (all 3 yarns in one hand!) --and done it beautifully.

So, keep at it (learning continental) IF YOU WANT.

or don't!
(but think about learning knitting backwards (great for entralac, or knitting on edgings!) or some other style..

there is always something new to learn in knitting...(i am still finding new things after 45 + years!)
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