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I taught myself how to knit using a book for English method. The book, however, was wrong in how a knit stitch should be done so I was really Combination knitting. Once I figured out I was doing it wrong I fixed my English method to be correct.

Then, my mom asked me to make her some washcloths for Christmas. The only pattern that I really liked and thought would stand up to repeated uses was seed stitch. Since I had always had a problem going from knit stitch to purl stitch in English method, I watched Amy's videos here and taught myself Continental. SOOO MUCH EASIER! I can't even remember how to do English now. It takes practice, practice, practice for sure, but I'm so happy I did it. I can't go back now. Of course, you'll get frustrated and tension is a problem to overcome. But, if you keep at it you'll get it.

Frankly, if my mom hadn't asked for the washcloths I may have stopped knitting altogether because I found the English method to be so slow for me. It wasn't fun to knit. Now, I can rip through socks like nobody's business and I'm having fun again.
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