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Yes! you can google combo knitting, or read anne modisett's blog, or glumperina's blog, or ...
there is lots of information on the BIGGIES--
Eastern knitting
Western Knitting (of which, english and continental are sub sets)
Combinations (combo) knitting.

Eastern has a sub set of 'eastern crossed'
and portuguese, and there are then things like norwegian purl (which the reverse of portugues knit!)

Western also has 'irish cottage knitting" (aka lever action), and other less common subsets.(scots style with a harness to hold a needle

there are lots of ways to knit..
(oh yeah, there is also true left hand (aka backwards knitting)
in which the stitches move from RIGHT HAND NEEDLE TO LEFT HAND NEEDLE-- (vs stitches moving from left hand needle to right..

(and there are others, like frame and machine knitting... spool,.. (i'll think of others..)
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