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Bifocal Contact Lenses
Does anyone have soft bifocal contact lenses? Are you happy with the results? Did it take you long to get used to the lenses? I'm in the process of getting soft bifocal contact lenses and I'm having a very hard time. I have had 6 different sets of lenses in the past 8 weeks and still can't see well. The eye dr. told me it could be a long process but I'm getting very discouraged.

Right now I'm not happy with my vision, both near and far. I'm stuggling to see distance and struggling to read. I'm getting headaches from straining so hard. Is this normal?

The eye dr. said it takes a while to 'tweak' things because if you change the distance, it effects the reading, and then vice versa. I'm so unhappy right now and I'm not enjoying knitting, reading, even watching tv, as much as I used to because I can't see as well.
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