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Grafting the Toe
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I think my purling tends to be a little looser than my knitting in Continental (my chosen method), but I have learned to compensate and get them even. I use to knit real loose on everything doing my Continental, but old age or something has caused me to get a bit tighter.

I agree that whatever works best for you and you like best is what you should use. Try the Continental long enough to give it a good chance (it is always good to have several arrows in your quiver) and if it doesn't fit the bill, knit English. I'm glad I know how to knit both ways and use both for 2 color knitting.

There are those who advocate 2 handed knitting for color work(ie fair isle) but i've managed 3 colors in 1 row, (all 3 yarns in one hand!) --and done it beautifully.
Of Troy, I am amazed at your ability to do this feat. When I saw Amy use two colors in the left hand I was impressed. I thought I would try it. No way could I do it. It was such a good idea too. So I have to settle with one color in each hand.
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