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Originally Posted by Limey View Post
Hiya Rita

"Ellie - I am not sure what yarn i have used because i have had it a long time and the ball bands gone . Could be off a market stall maybe" she said.

************************************************** *

Oohh - well, there's a blow - lovely shade of chocolate but no ball band - bummer

Just had a thought!

Would it be ok next time you fancy a bit of chocolate (if you're like me, that could be in the next five minutes) to go and get a few different bars (strictly in the interests of knitting karma, of course) unwrap them and check them against the yarn?

This, though, might pose a bit of a problem - I mean, what would you do with all that uneaten choc!??

Nah - maybe that's not such a good idea after all!

- oo, I know - why not send me a small sample of the yarn and then I could go out and get a few bars (again, strictly in the interests of knitting karma) and test them for colour!

I've just had another look at that very fine hat and indeedy, it does put me in mind of a Mars Bar, but I could be wrong - Galaxy could fit the bill but just to be on the safe side, I'd have to have a squint at Cadbury's Dairy Milk as well. We don't have a problem with uneaten choc around here - longest shelf-life is two minutes and ticking.

Some twerp I share the house with has just pointed out that I could get the sample of yarn from you and go to a wool shop and match it up!

Have you ever heard the like of it? Matching up chocolate wool without the the chocolate! - doesn't bear thinking about. Obviously a non-knitter!

Oh - well, sacrifices have to be made - so I'll get practicing with the choc.

Start off with my favourite, which sort of matches my avatar as well!

Snap out of it !!!!
LOL You have one thing on the brain . Suck a mint instead lol . Hehehe
I will send a sample in the post
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