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Hiya Rita, who said: "Snap out of it" - OK - will do.

Hmm - bit difficult, though - can't find Buttersnap for love nor money, so will have to make do with Dime Bars.

Wouldn'tcha know it? Can't find chocstix, either but don't despair, we're not the only ones

You're right, Nicky - come to think of it, that shade of brown does remind me of choccy/mint ice-cream

Oo - there's something else you said Rita - got one thing on my mind - or somesuch - can't remember what now!

Oo - yeah - that Dime Bar thing - anybody know where I can get cinder toffee coated in milk choc?

I think I'm definitely a coconut head - after Bounty, I love Raspbery Ruffles and the pink coconut and yellow coconut sweets in Allsorts

It's amazing what you can do if you set your mind to it - just thinking of coconut now! and guess what? - it's the same colour as your wool! How's that for a coincidence?

Anybody else have any 'What happened to ....?' favourite sweets
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