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Basic Questions Answered for New Knitters
Occasionally, I receive questions from new knitters about how to work on our project. I'm glad to answer questions from new knitters, because I know that our Oddball Baby Blankets are the PERFECT project for them to learn with.

Here are some questions I recently received from a new knitter. I've removed her name, because one day she will be an experienced knitter!!

Originally Posted by Beginning Knitter
I have never added a new yarn to a project. I was wondering what the best way is to do this?
With our blankets, there is no need to do a fancy join when changing colors. Just tie your yarn to the strand that is hanging there from the previous knitter, and start knitting with the new color. When you finish your knitting, you can go back and untie the yarns, then weave in the ends to make it look nice. (Note: It's best to start your knitting on the RIGHT SIDE of the fabric when you start your section.)

Originally Posted by Beginning Knitter
I also noticed when I was looking at the journal, that the last knitter did not sign the journal (or greeting card). I didn't know if I should skip a page when I write my information or not.
If you know the first name of the knitter, just write it on the page. Then, you can move on to the next section, and write yours as well.

Originally Posted by Beginning Knitter
I am confused about which side is the right/wrong side... I don't want to start on the wrong side.
Good question! It's always hard for new knitters to figure that out. The "right side" is the PRETTY side. Just look at both sides of the blanket, and you'll figure it out. The "wrong side" has a less attractive row across where the color changes have been done. Also, if there is a stockinette section, you'll see the purl "bumps" on the wrong side of the fabric. I'll post some photos for reference. Keep watching!
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