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Prayer Shawl
Hi - I'm Elizabeth and I just recently joined the forum. I am 72 years old and am in the process of making a prayer shawl for my mother who is 91. I believe I am knitting the prayer shawl you refer to. The pattern is 57 stitches and I start and end with K3 and alternate between K3 and P3. I have not knitted in many years and had not purled. I finally understand which stitches are knit and which are purl, but as I go along, I see there are mistakes I have passed up. I don't notice it until later when I look at my work and finally I think I realize what I may be doing, but do not know how to "undo" it. Apparently when I switch the yarn from front to back and back to front for knit or purl, I think I sometimes do not move the yarn when I should - then suddenly after a couple rows, I notice the error. I am never aware of doing it at the time, but it's the only thing I can figure out I am doing wrong. Has anyone else had this problem?
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