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Mirl 56: Thank you! That is exactly what I thought too. Just reverse the numbers. I looked for a pattern correction on her site but there wasn't one. I'm thinking it might have been corrected in the book, but maybe not on the version sent to the magazine for publication.
Ingrid: Thank you! I figured it out at my first set of increases. The reason I was confused was that there were some increases along the collar on the left and right front of the jacket that I ignored (I thought it was fine with the number of stitches I had and saw no need to make it wider) but then thought maybe I was supposed to do something special with those increases. But now I see it was just a fancy British way of saying "keep the stitches in pattern". And thank you for the tip about washing! I'll be extra careful!
Seeing it in person, I really think the number should be reversed. And if not, I still think I would prefer the collar with just one cable rather than 3 going up the back. My first sleeve is going rather quickly, so I might finish the left and right front and put them together with the back and see how it looks. I can always frog. I just can't see the collar being 80 or so stitches without folding back over and then you'd lose the cable pattern...
Thank you both for the advice!!!
Oh and here is a link to my blog with a pic (can't figure out how to post here).

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