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I have to chime in here...I never wore glasses till the 40 ish thing started start out with drug-store 100 then you can go all the way to 2.50, then it's like what the --ll is going on here..Well my doc says "My eyes are getting older" happens to everyone...I CAN NOT DO BIFOCALS (LENSES OR CONTACTS) CAN NOT DO MONOVISION (makes me want to barf) well, right now I am "trying" my prescription lenses as contacts then using reading (drugstore 2.50 over them) then, I just picked up some glasses (waste of $75.00 my insurance picked up the rest) cause they are bifocals (without lines) hate em!!!!!! So, as I type now,I am back too my good ole dollar readers..Good Luck Oh yea, one more thing I have astigmatism in my right eye so drug store readers work only on my left
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