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Hi. Nice to meet you ladies, can I pop in?

I don't have a favorite yarn, I am such a cheapo I am afraid of falling in love with the good stuff. I do think Paton's Pooch yarn makes a cute and easy scarf that's the only yarn I can even think of off the top of my head.
My favorite thing to knit, gosh. I have knit a lot of scarves lately but I hope to become good at knitting stuffed animals, I just think they are so cute. I did knit a felted hat once that I was just so proud of I couldn't believe I had done it myself, I should make that one again I guess. LOL
I don't have a favorite designer
My favortie mags are the old copies of Family Circle knitting I have, I don't even know if they sill have that mag.
I am not on Rav yet, I looked at it and to tell the truth it was totally overwhelming and intimidating to me, I just felt like it was for "real knitters". I know that's not the way to think so I amy get brave.
I took a knitting class 13yrs ago but I have a hard time saying I have been knitting that long, I am a major on again/ off again knitter. I haven't made very many projects total. I have been 5+yrs without or more and am just starting back up last fall or so.
I would like to learn to crochet
I live in Gig Harbor, WA
Prime knitting hours really vary. If I am in a mode I can try to fit it in constantly. I am a SAHM (well I do work at Swedish/Ballard every other weekend) so I can try to fit it in around kid stuff a bit but usually it is after the kids are in bed so 8-11 or so.
I don't have a favorite book yet either. I have to admit I wing it alot and I think that is why I don't feel like a very accomplished knitter because I rarely know the proper way to do something, I just kinda do whatever works.
Thanks for "listening". See ya around the boards, Chris
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