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Spring Fling
I received the spring fling blanket from Shandeh. Sorry I'm delayed in letting you know. I went to my mom's for memorial weekend and I was supposed to go home yesterday. Well the framers were supposed to be done with the add on (drying in portion) yesterday. I took my 3 (2 of which are very large) dogs, myself and my son down to my mom's so we would be out of the way of the framers (they have to take out half a wall). BUT they haven't even started. I'm hoping today they will start so I can go home Friday! I miss my hubby!

So I have the blanket, safely at home!

See you all soon!


PS Mom's internet sucks (way out in the middle of nowhere kinda thing) so I can't even see the pictures of how our blankets are doing. Talk about torture!
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