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I would agree with the previous posts - call the police. Maybe you can alert them to a situation that may save someone else from going through the bad experience you did. I am sorry you and your family went through that.

We get quite a few door to door people here - some of whom are polite and pleasant and some are real pieces of work. We've had tree people come and tell us the trees are dying in our back yard so we need them to cut them down that day (if they know that, they are trespassing and I told them that is not legal - that got rid of them) and we've had nice people like a poor lady who was selling vacuums door to door (I have plenty of those) but it was like 95 degrees that day so I gave her a cold bottle of water and told her to rest on our front porch for a spell. Frankly, I wish people wouldn't come to our door and we've posted a No Solicitation sign that does mostly no good or so it seems. I do respect the fact that some people choose to do this for money and so I try to be nice, but your experience was way out of line. Don't ever be afraid to call someone on such rude behavior by involving the police.

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