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Grafting the Toe
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Doreen here is a one sentence quote from the KNITWIT's website. (I'm trying to give credit to her, but don't know her name. Her site has a logo with a Washington State car license plate.) She says "If you prefer to work with two circulars then it's simple enough to use any sock pattern written in the traditional manner for dpns because the only thing that changes is the # of needles you're working with." She is talking about the possibility of using any pattern written for dpns to make socks with 2 circulars, and it sounds like what you want to do is just the opposite. So the reverse should be true, any pattern for 2 circulars should work on dpns.

I have not made socks on two circulars myself, but it sounds like she is saying that nothing changes as far as the way the sock is made for dpns or two circulars and that you can use the patterns interchangeably. I know enough to know the number you cast on would be the same and if they are cuff down socks that part would not change (unless it gives you special instructions of how to join to begin or something, if it does just ignore that and join them your normal way). The only place they may be different is in the handling of the stitches at the heel part, but from what she says it is the same.

If they are toe up or designed to be made via Magic Loop method things might be different. Maybe someone who has actually done this will have a more sure word, but from what the KNITWIT says, it sounds like you could give it a try. Good luck.
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