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I am a far cry from an expert at short rows, but I have done some in the round that turned out acceptably. I was just wondering what stitch you are using on the diaper cover? If it is stockinette then it would be knit on one side and purl on the other. When you do short rows, even in the round you turn and have to purl back, because you are not really working in the round on the short row portion, but back and forth, knit a row, purl a row. But if it is st st when you do go around and pick all the wraps up you would be doing it all from the knit side, I think.

Maybe you have a different stitch going though, because you said it is not knit on one side and purl on the other. Do you mean you never purl, but is it reverse stockinette on the inside (the purl side of regular stockinette? Or what stitch are you working?

I just did a little mini sample of short rows with W&T 2times on each side and then went on around and picked them all up. By,
my short rows look okay on ONE side of the cover but look HORRIBLE on the other side
do you mean something like they look okay on the left side, but not so good on the right side, as opposed to inside and outside of the garment?

I notice that my stockinette stitch in the round sample looks better on the left than the right. That right side of the short row work, on mine, is where I did the W&T on the purl rows, and then when I pick them up I'm doing all knit. I think that is why they don't look as good. Is this the phenomena that you are talking about?

I don't have an answer yet, but I'm trying to understand the problem. Nickiea, is that the same thing you are talking about?
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