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Grafting the Toe
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I've been working on this short row in the round question for over 2 hours now. I have looked at quite a few things I Googled up, but none address this exact issue that I found. A lot of people just say, "Pick them up." But don't say how. Like we all know...LOL

I discovered this page of Nona's Knits where she talks about 3 different ways of doing short rows, one W&T, one with YOs and one called the Japanese method. (She's talking flat though.) I wondered if either of the other 2 ways would work better. I tried the YO method and it may be better for in the round, but I'm getting so tired I'm not sure. LOL I didn't try the Japanese method. Maybe looking at these other methods and doing some experimenting someone will come up something that looks good on the purl side wraps when you have to pick them up on the knit side.

Here is the link. CLICK HERE

Good night. :-)
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