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Russian Join?
I am knitting this pattern and the bottom/lace portion is taking yarn quickly. I bought every skein of yarn in the same dye lot that my LYS had. I'm knitting a small, but bought the yarn for a medium because I want to make the longer version. However, it doesn't even look like I'm going to be able to do the short version before I run out of yarn.

BTW- I did a gauge swatch and my guage was on track, but the pattern said to do the guage swatch in SS, not lace. Also, I did remember to double the yardage since it is double-stranded

I'm really concerned that I will run out of yarn soon and weeks of knitting will be down the drain. I have been researching and it looks like my only glimmer of hope may be the Russian join.

I have a ton of short pieces of yarn that I cut to join new yarn. I was wondering if I could take all of those short pieces and join them together?

I've never done the Russian join before, so does it work for a situation like this? This would be A LOT of joins! On the video it looks like the join is a little bulky, which is a huge concern for me because I'm knitting this pattern double-stranded. Also, this is for the lace portion of the sweater, so would that matter?

If you can think of anything else, please let me know. I'm feeling sad and discouraged right now.
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