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Originally Posted by vaknitter View Post
With all that has been going on lately I haven't been in the mood to cook at all and when I do I make huge portion and feed the hubby the same thing for 3 days. Normally I love to cook .... but it is hot, humid, and I am out of ideas. Any suggestions for a simple summer dinner that doesn't take too much prep or heat up the house? I'm not really in the mood for meat lately so maybe something vegeatrian...I love beans.
You sound like me. DH is retired, but I don't get to retire from cooking unless I am completely incapacitated or am dead. I try to cook as little as possible. Red skin potatoes are one of my favorite veggies. They are great without peeling. Add a ham steak and salad or some other veggie and maybe some rolls - you have simple meal. Add dessert if you must. How about ice cream?

Tonite we are having left over potato salad that I made yesterday plus lettuce, tomato, cucumber, lettuce and green onion salad freshly made along with some leftover chicken breast tenderloins from last nite. I'm thinking of cooking a little bacon to break up on the salad. We have some bananas and grapes for dessert.

Tommorrow? Who knows? Whatever I can throw together in about a half hour.
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