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Can you join new yarn on a wrong-side row?
Originally Posted by jess_hawk View Post
If nothing else, perhaps you can search other yarn shops for the same dye lot?
Thank you for your reply. I have checked around and the other stores don't carry this yarn. I'm probably panicking too early, but I've never run out of yarn before and want to know what my options are now. I think I will keep knitting and see how far my new yarn will go, then if I run out of yarn I'll try the Russian join.

I have a pile of yarn pieces that I cut off when joining new yarn. I don't know if this is true, but I was taught that you have to join yarn when you are working a right-side row (so the join is on the wrong-side). This has caused a huge waste of yarn, so some of the yarn pieces are quite long, but not long enough to knit two rows (a right and wrong side row), which is why it was cut and new yarn added.

Is it possible to knit until the ball of yarn is almost gone and then join new yarn even if you are on a wrong side row? If you joined yarn on a wrong side (purl) wouldn't the join still only show on the wrong side? I haven't actually tried this so I can't visualize it.
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