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What is stitch pattern, repeat?
Just started Large Market Bag here.

I'm attempting to make it smaller so need to fig the repeat. Per this section:


Do not turn, make 12 loose slip stitches (sl st) down the side.

Round 1: Work sc in each of the 12 sl st and all the way around the rectangular bottom. (174 sc)

Round 2-6: Sc

Round 7: (2 dc, ch1, skip 2 stitches)around, ending in dc in last stitch

(sl st in top of beg dc) (174 stitches)

Looking at the pic of the bag the '2 dc' don't appear to be worked in diff scs so are they worked in one sc so they slightly flare \/, the chain is over the 'skip 2'? That would mean the '2 dc, ch1, skip 2 stitches' is worked over 3 sts 3 st + ? Or if the 2 dc are worked in sep scs, it'd be worked over 4 sts + ? I've tried dividing 3+1, 4+1, etc (the '1' for the final dc in the round per the patt) into the 174 and not coming up with numbers that make sense but I did this late at night.

Any help appreciated. I'm sure the answer is obvious.

Keeping to the knitting basics
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