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Question for Artlady about ribbing
Artlady you said this about how you break up each piece into section for the band pick up:

a) fold the left front in half a pin on the fold line...then fold the halves in half again, and place pins on those spots, too. This evenly divides my left front into 4 sections. I'll do the same for the hood, and right front. May even consider folding those 4 in half, too, for 8 sections.
Do you mean you fold it so that the top meets the bottom then fold it again? Kind of like a piece of paper so you have four distinct sections?? Do you have pictures? Thanks for your help!!

I'm stalled at the moment because I didn't block the ribbing at the bottom of the fronts and back - for some reason I thought I read not to but then I re-read the thread and it was not to on the sleeves!! DUH!

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