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Originally Posted by robynbird View Post
Artlady you said this about how you break up each piece into section for the band pick up:

*Do you mean you fold it so that the top meets the bottom then fold it again? Kind of like a piece of paper so you have four distinct sections?? Do you have pictures? Thanks for your help!!

I'm stalled at the moment because I didn't block the ribbing at the bottom of the fronts and back - for some reason I thought I read not to but then I re-read the thread and it was not to on the sleeves!! DUH!
*Yes, that's what I do. Then, after I get 4 or 8 distinct sections marked, I will measure inbetween each marker to make sure the spaces/spans are equal. But, alas, no photos.

I think I did block everything on this sweater. Even after I got the buttonbands knit onto the sweater, I heavily misted the bands and left them til bone dry. You'd be surprised what an improvement it gives the overall appearance.

When blocking ribbing, scrunch it together as much as possible.
It will expand on its own when worn.

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