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help fixing tension??
i will try to get pictures up later as i am out the door right now....

i literally just started knitting last night (see my post in the general knitting>>introductions thread for that story)... through the SUPER INFORMATIVE videos here and youtube, taught myself how to cast-on continental, knit and purl and M1F... but i'm having problems with what i think is the tension.

how tight are your loops supposed to be when you cast on and when you knit???? i do realize there are loose/tight knitters, and i think i would prefer to knit tight.

my problem is that i do the long tail cast on, and then knit one row, but at the end of that row, i'm left with a LONG loop... like all the slack from the entire string ends up in that last loop... is it my tension that's wrong?? any suggestions on how to fix it??? TIA
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