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I'm no expert on the long-tail cast on, but like Suzeeq I wonder if you are actually doing the backward loop cast-on rather than the long-tail.

By the sounds of it, your problem is not just a slightly loopy first stitch, but something more unsightly that might be quite fixable. Would it be possible to post a picture so we can judge if what is happening is within the norm?

Immediately I read your post I thought it was one I'd read before. Your problem has been discussed here on the forum in the past, but I did a search and can't find the exact post I remember reading. However, I found these threads and they might be worth looking at in case something rings a bell.

I hope some more suggestions are posted for you, as I understand how frustrating it can be when right at the beginning of learning, something goes wrong to prevent you getting on with it.

In the meantime, you could try the cable cast-on (this is NOT what is called the knit(ted) cast on). Its so easy and gives a nice looking flexible edge. You could google it, or here's a link to a video on it:

I've knitted for years and always used the cable cast-on (don't know why its called "cable" because its not a cable...??). Occasionally and more recently I've done the long tail method, but on the whole I do prefer the cable cast-on which somehow seems more straightforward and gives a better looking edge on ribbing. Perhaps its just because I'm more used to it..... Anyway, it would give you a good alternative till you get the longtail method working properly for you.
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