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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
Are you sure you're doing the long tail cast on? Loopy, loose and extra yarn from the caston is usually when you do the backward loop CO, which is only the thumb part of longtail cast on. But yes, tension does improve with practice. Give yourself a coupla days...

eta - Or you mean you have a big loop at the end of the first row? That's not unusual, and it'll get better after a while.
i am doing the long-tail cast on as instructed in the long-tail cast on video on this site and in the books i've browsed through.

and it is the big loop at the end of the first row... I cast on, then knit one row, and am left with a big loop at the end of the first row.

i tried increasing my tension but it made it so tight that it was hard to move around on the needle.

at least i know now that i just have to keep at it... hopefully it'll get better with time.

thank you all for your input. will still try to get those pictures up tonight.
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