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Ingrid said something like, "Don't try to knit tight or loose, just knit and let the yarn and needles decide." (Not an exact quote) That is very good advice. You said,
i do realize there are loose/tight knitters, and i think i would prefer to knit tight.
Tight knitting can look very nice, but it tires your hands and can make some stitches hard to do. Don't aim to be real loose, but not being too tight makes life a lot easier. If you need a smaller gauge you can always go to a smaller needle and still knit loose enough to be relaxed and for the stitches to move along easily on the needles.

Like Ingrid said, "Just knit." I think it is a real blessing to be able to knit consistently. By that I mean to have such a natural knitting style that you can expect that given a needle of a certain size and a particular yarn that you will knit the same way on them the next time. I don't have this gift and it would save me a tremendous amount of time if it were the case. I think that maybe just knitting from the beginning without trying to change your knitting to get gauges but letting it all be in the yarn and needles you may be able to develop that natural tension that is all your own. If I were the knitting fairy godmother I would wish this on you. :-)
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