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All acrylics are NOT created equal!

I've been knitting for a couple of years now (I first learned how about 30 years ago), and I'm just as crazy about Malabrigo, cashmere, silk, etc., as most knitters. In fact, I have a bit of all of the above in my fairly generous stash.

But I also have a bunch of acrylic yarns, and I wouldn't trade them for anything. I own some 100% acrylic yarns that are incredibly soft and lovely, and that includes stuff that's 30+ years old!

I understand that some folks just don't care for acrylic, and some people are uncomfortable with some of its properties. I'm not trying to convince anyone to knit with something they just don't want to knit with.

But it does bother me when people assume that all acrylic is nasty, rough, ugly, and good for only pet bedding. Like all yarns, those made with man-made materials cover a wide range of quality and textures. It's really inaccurate and unfair to say all natural yarns are good and all acrylics are bad. Yarn is yarn -- some you want to use, and some you don't.

Okay, end of lecture.

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