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Eyelet Pattern Help!
Hello everyone! I am working on an eyelet top and am having some problems with the pattern. First, let me tell you that the eyelet stitched is worked over a multiple of 4 sts +1. The eyelet stitch is listed as follows:

Row 1 (rs): *k1, yfwd, sl2, k1, psso, yfwd*, rep from * to *, end with k1.
Row 2: Purl.
Row 3: k3, *yfwd, sl2, k1, psso, yfwd, k1*, rep from * to *, end with k3 (instead of k1).
Row 4: Purl.
Row 5: Rep from row 1.

The part I need some clarification on is when the increase rows start:
Next row (in the pattern this turns out to be a row 1 of the eyelet stitch): k1, inc1, pattern to last 2 sts, inc 1, k1. Rep this inc row every 10 rows 4 times, then every 8 rows 4 times and, as you work the increases, if the row is short of a st to form the eyelet pattern, beg with k1, sl1, k1, psso, yfwd, pattern to last 3 sts, yfwd, k2tog, k1.

My confusion is on the rows during the increases that have a multiple of 4 sts + 3 (instead of the 4 sts +1 required for the eyelet stitch). Can anyone give me example rows of Row 1 and Row 3 in the above eyelet stitch for the instances when I will not have the correct number of stitches for the eyelet stitch? I am confused by the pattern's description of what to do in these cases. You could give me an example for 11 stitches for Rows 1 and 3 (which would be a multiple of 4 sts + 3). Any help is greatly appreciated! Have a nice day!
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