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How to start a church knitting chapter...
Hi I'm new here...NanaBanana [grandkids labeled me, lol!]

I taught myself to knit [English] as a teen from a book, then dropped it for over 30 years [mistake yes, but sometimes life interrupts my plans]! I recently picked it up again & am learning Continental with the help from the videos here & on Utube.

I want to start a church knitting/crochet chapter in my small local church for people of all ages...I ordered EZ's Workshop book & DVD & her Almanac. Also Maran Illustrated. Can't wait to get them.
I contacted a local knitting/crochet teacher to get the newbies started & refresh people like me who haven't done it for so long. I'm not sure how to get it all organized & what steps I need to take to make it successful....Any Tips?

Has anyone posting here done this before? Or belong to a church chapter? If so how do you/they run things? I am also looking for a catchy, christian themed it okay to use a name found on the internet or is that infringement? Any name suggestions?

I know I'll have lots more questions but can't think past the initial beginings right now...Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated!
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