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Originally Posted by jberry16 View Post
....One question, I've seen on ravelry that some are knitting their back & fronts in one piece to the armhole decreases, any comments on this?.....
Seaming is easy if you use the mattress stitch. Amy has a video here at KH under TIPS. Just scroll down. I really really really suggest that you use this CPH as a learning experience! No one should be afraid of seaming!

It is possible to knit it all in one piece to the armhole decreases...however, this will change the sizing a bit because you are not losing the 4 edge stitches that would fold into the seamline and appear on the wrong side. Knitting all in one piece will also make seaming the sleeves into the body a bit harder, because you will have to seam the shoulder seams first...then the sleeve will have to seam into the HOLE created.

Some knitters have taken the seamless thing ever farther by knitting their sleeves in the round. Now, the insertion of the sleeve TUBE into the armHOLE is even crazier!

I highly suggest that you follow the pattern directions. Bite the bullet, the saying goes...and learn to mattress stitch your seams. Please watch Amy's video. It is so way easy. I also include seaming photos in our KAL.
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