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Acrylic probably won't do anything like felting. (Some will do something like it but I haven't seen anything like that from Red Heart.)

I would grab it. That's what I crochet afghans out of. It was good enough for Gram (and what I was raised with from her afghans) so it's good enough for me.
It softens up fine after a few washings.

1 or 2 skeins isn't stocking up, that would be a scarf. I would need 20-40 skeins for one crochet afghan.
I think it took 5 skeins of Red Heart Sport to knit a baby sweater.

You have to think SALE and buy more than you will ever realistically use, like the bags and bags of Yarn Bee Luscious I have that I'm sick of working with or the boxes of the same my sister has.

Acrylic stored in a skein should last forever. Keep it out of the sun and dust so the color doesn't change, or if it does it does it evenly.
Petroleum based knitter, removing that nasty oil from the ground one skein at a time.

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