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Originally Posted by shortnsweetly View Post
Welcome back from your vacation Artlady! I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing time. I have successfully completed the entire back piece of my very first sweater! Yahoo!! I am noticing one small imperfection though. When I switch from knit to pearl in the pattern, I'm noticing a larger gap than I see other knitters get. Their switch from knit to pearl seams to be seamless with little to no gap. My switch from knit to pearl looks sloppy and if I hold the sweater up to the light, I can see very noticable gaps. I don't think it will be noticable once it is all put together, but I would like to make the transition from knit to pearl a little neater. Any suggestions?
This happens to some knitters who knit the purl stitches looser, or vice versa. I read it in a book over the weekend, in a HOW TO DESIGN YOUR OWN SWEATER, a book of basic sweater building stuff. The writer said she uses a different size needle for the purl side...then switches back to the original needle for the knit side.
Ach. She must have a HUGE discrepancy on her stitch consistency! But I can understand the concept! I might try it sometime! I have an especial hard time when using single ply yarns with st st. It drives my batty! But I heard that single ply yarns, by their nature, tend to be wonky on one side of the knit stitch. Maybe because of what the writer said about knitting looser on the purl side (or vice versa).

Anyhoo, mystery solved! I seem to do the same thing as you. I always end up "tweaking" the stocking stitches on the public side, to straighten them out as I knit along. So get to "tweaking"! You are in good company! Sometimes I have pulled out an entire row and re-knit it if the gaps can't be "tweaked" right. Such as, if there are too many stitches that need adjusting...there is just too much excess yarn to pull over to the neighboring stitches...and you end up with 2 inches of extra yarn!
Time to pull out a couple rows and tighten things up. It's worth it in the end.

When you wash, rinse, and block your sweater pieces BEFORE SEAMING, this will take care of a lot of your minor stitch inconsistencies.
When you handwash, rinse and block your pieces, the yarn "blooms"...or fulls...and this also fills in the holes!

What kind of yarn did you say you are using?
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