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I had posted notices in my church bulletin for "Knit-Night" - & I just had another knitter there with me & I did sort of like a group training. Had everyone doing the steps together as they watched me. That way everyone was on the same step, they could watch each other & I could go help everyone being in the same place.
The more it got out, the more people started showing up when we held these nights. I had the people starting off with size 8's & just a plain worsted weight & had them knit just a small square to use as a coaster. That way they get to get casting on, knitting & then casting off fairly quickly.
Once they get familiar with that -introduce the purl stitch. And then, what I did - have everyone knit up squares to put them together for a charity knit.
You'll be surprise how natural some people are once they get going. And then that leaves time for the ones that arent so easily catching on!
Keep us updated on how it goes!
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